Dunedin Pest Flea Service

Fleas are very small pest that feed on blood. These pests have four stages of their lives. Often it helps to get professional help to get rid of fleas such as Dunedin Pest experts at Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control located in Largo,Florida.

Fleas are attracted to your pets like cats and dogs. The flea likes the warmth of the pet&rsquos body. The flea also likes the exhaling of your pet&rsquos carbon dioxide. Often the flea eggs are laid on the pet but falls off when the pet moves. Therefore where the pet spend most of their time is a place where the flea eggs are largely located.

The first of four stages of a flea&rsquos life are eggs. The two following stages are larvae and pupae. The last stage of flea life is adult. When you have infestation of fleas the eggs are probably around 50 percent of the entire flea population in your infested area. The adult fleas you may spot only represent five percent. Larvae are around 35 percent of the population and the 10 percent left are pupae

The complete cycle of stages in a flea family can take one to two months to complete. The eggs are gradually released from the female flea until she has produced 200 to 400 flea eggs. She only lays a few each day explaining why fleas are in all four stages when infesting an area instead of being&nbspall in the same age and stage

Professional Dunedin pest control service like Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control in Florida has the best types of chemicals to treat the four stages of flea life. Most over the counter sprays are not going to help with all four life stages. Therefore the store bought sprays will only eliminate some of the fleas but not all of them. Vacuuming is helpful but fleas can hold on to the fibers of the carpet and are not always removed by the power of the vacuum

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